General Terms and Conditions

Locarno Film Festival will do its best to ensure that access to the website is enabled without interruption and that no errors occur in transmission of data. However, because of the nature of the Internet, uninterrupted access and error-free transmission of data cannot be guaranteed. Furthermore, your access to the website might on occasion be suspended or restricted in order to permit the carrying out of repairs and maintenance work or the introduction of new activities and services.

To the extent permitted by applicable law we decline all responsibility in respect of the contents of the present electronic copy and its downloading from the website In particular we will not be held liable or responsible in the event of non-substantial differences between the items ordered and the illustrative photographs, texts and images of such articles published on our website.

Except in case of willful misconduct or gross negligence we will be liable only for any direct and foreseeable damage at the moment of use of the website by you or at the moment of the conclusion of the contract of sale. We will not therefore be held liable or responsible for any loss incurred, loss of earnings or other damage of any kind which is not the immediate and direct consequence of our non-performance or which was not foreseeable at the time of use of the site by you and conclusion of the contract of sale.

(hereinafter “GTC”)

1. General provisions
The Association "Festival internazionale del film di Locarno" (hereinafter the "Festival") administers organization of ticket sales under the brand name "Locarno Film Festival" and some events of Primavera Locarnese. The purchaser may order items online via Internet – for performances in Piazza Grande, daily passes and copies of the catalogue and for events organized by Primavera Locarnese – using the print@home facility. In this context, the Festival is the contracting partner of the ticket purchaser.

2. Scope of application
For use of the Festival’s ticket sales services and of the website in the context of purchase of print@home tickets by persons resident or domiciled in or outside Switzerland, the present GTC apply exclusively in the version current at the time of ordering by the purchaser of the ticket.

3. Conclusion of the contract and delivery in the case of print@home tickets

3.1 General provisions
The information given on the website does not constitute an offer in accordance with the terms of the Swiss Code of Obligations, but merely an invitation to the ticket purchaser to make an order.
The ticket purchaser transmits his or her completed order to the Festival via the website In each single order up to 10 (ten) tickets may be purchased, subject to availability, for the ticket purchaser and his or her friends or acquaintances. Further restrictions may apply in individual cases, notably the prohibition against resale of tickets to persons not belonging to the circle of friends and acquaintances.

3.2 Acceptance of orders of print@home tickets; electronic delivery; printing
The Festival accepts the order from the ticket purchaser by sending to him or her – on completion of the online ordering process – the print@home ticket in PDF format to the e-mail address given by the purchaser during the ordering process. The print@home ticket may also be printed directly from the website once the transaction has been completed.
After viewing the print@home ticket on completion of the transaction and receiving the electronic version of the print@home ticket, the purchaser self-prints the print@home ticket, keeping its size and format unaltered, on an A4 sheet of white paper using a laser or inkjet printer.
The printed print@home ticket must be kept carefully until the performance and at the time of use must not be damaged in any way, in particular in the area of the bar code, such that it may prevent or impede examination and verification at the entrance to the performance. If the print@home ticket has been damaged in this way, the holder has no entitlement to admission to the performance and/or refund of the price paid by the ticket purchaser.
The purchaser may print out the print@home ticket once only. Any form of duplication, copying, alteration or falsification of the print@home ticket or electronic dissemination of the PDF file is expressly prohibited. The right to print out additional copies as per the terms of article 7.1 below is reserved.

3.3 Incorrect addresses for print@home tickets
In the event of any inconsistency between the ticket(s) ordered by the purchaser and the ticket(s) viewed or delivered electronically on completion of the transaction, the ticket purchaser must contact the Festival promptly and in any case before 7:00 pm on the evening for which the ticket(s) has or have been purchased, by calling the following telephone number: +41(0)91.756.21.21. Failure to advise the Festival in such cases will be taken to mean that the purchaser has accepted the ticket(s).

4. Prices

4.1 General provisions
The ticket prices shown on the website do not include VAT.

5. Payment

5.1 print@home tickets
Payment is made by charging the credit card indicated during the ordering process (Eurocard, MasterCard or Visa). Payment by check or money transfer is not permitted.

6. Exchange or return of tickets

6.1 General provisions
Tickets cannot be refunded, returned or exchanged once payment has been made, nor can the contract of sale be rescinded, except in the event of cancellation of a performance as described in article 6.3 below. Seating places in Piazza Grande are not guaranteed.

6.2 Postponement of a performance
In the event of postponement of a performance, tickets will be valid for the new date and venue of the event, whatever the reasons for the postponement, but cannot be returned or exchanged.

6.3 Cancellation of a screening
Refunds for print@home tickets in the event of cancellation of a event will be made automatically in favor of the ticket purchaser by crediting the credit card used during the ordering process with the amount originally paid. The right to a refund belongs exclusively to the ticket purchaser indicated on the print@home ticket and is non-transferable.

7. Loss or damage

7.1 Special provision for print@home tickets

In the event of loss of or damage to a print@home ticket, the ticket purchaser may reprint the same print@home ticket. He or she must however give full consideration to the provisions contained in Article 8 below. In such cases the damaged print@home ticket must be destroyed immediately. If, at the time of loss of or damage to the ticket, the purchaser has deleted and/or is no longer in possession of the PDF file, he or she must promptly notify the Festival of the loss of or damage to the ticket. The Festival will send a new PDF file to the ticket purchaser and retains the right, but is not obliged, to cancel the lost or damaged print@home ticket. The purchaser must be aware that cancellation of the print@home ticket is not always technically possible. In such cases the provisions contained in Article 8 below apply.

8. Refusal to admit a print@home ticket holder to the event

The Festival has the right to refuse admission to the event if multiple print-outs, duplicates, copies or imitations of a print@home ticket are in circulation and a holder of a duplicate, copy or imitation of the print@home ticket concerned has already been granted admission to the event. In particular, the organizer is not required to ascertain the identity of the person presenting the print@home ticket or to compare his or her identity with that of the ticket purchaser or to ascertain the authenticity of the print@home ticket, unless the status of imitation or copy can be incontestably verified on examination at the entrance. The holder of a print@home ticket who is refused admission to the event for the aforementioned reason will not have the right to a refund of any kind.

8.1 Reserved sector
Access to the reserved sector is guaranteed only with a valid entry ticket, which must be presented at the entrance either printed or on a digital support.

9. Obligations of the ticket purchaser during the performance
Filming and/or recording of any kind is prohibited. When purchasing the ticket the purchaser accepts the rules and regulations concerning safety, access, age limits and all other aspects of performance issued by the organizer and acknowledges that, in the event of failure to comply with the aforementioned rules and regulations, he or she may be obliged to leave the performance without any entitlement to redress.

10. Exclusions of responsibility of the Festival

10.1 Responsibility in respect of performance of the event
To the extent permitted by applicable law the Festival declines all responsibility, including in the event of negligence, for material damage, corporal injury or other damage to property accruing to the purchaser as a result of the organization and performance of the event. In particular the Festival will not be held liable or responsible in any way for damage caused by the cancellation, poor organization or performance of events.

10.2 Responsibility in respect of use of the Internet
The Festival takes all reasonable care to ensure that the information supplied by the website is complete, accurate and up to date. However the Festival cannot answer for the completeness, accuracy and current validity of the information on the website or for any errors in transmission of data and declines all responsibility for damage or complications arising therefrom, insofar as such damage or complications are not intentionally caused by or arise from serious negligence on the part of the Festival. Given the technical characteristics of the Internet, the Festival offers no guarantee for error-free or uninterrupted performance of Festival services via the Internet. The Festival cannot exclude the possibility of and will not in any way be held liable for illegal interference in the EDP system or illegitimate use by unauthorized persons of data supplied by the ticket purchaser and declines all responsibility for any damage arising therefrom. Furthermore the Festival will not be held liable or responsible for any damage caused to the ticket purchaser’s EDP system as a result of use of the website and in particular declines any responsibility for damage which may be caused to the ticket purchaser’s EDP system by malware such as viruses, worms and trojans. The ticket purchaser uses his or her own hardware (including the printer), operating software and telecommunications devices for the purposes of using Festival services entirely at his or her own risk. The ticket purchaser accepts that the Festival is not obliged to support any given software or platform or operating system or to guarantee support of the kind in the future.

11. Data protection
In order to facilitate the sale of tickets without undue hindrance, the Festival requires basic information such as the ticket purchaser’s name, address, telephone number and e-mail address, as also the credit card details of the ticket purchaser. The Festival complies with Swiss law on data protection in respect of processing the client’s data. The Festival processes, uses and stores the client’s data if and to the extent that such procedures prove necessary or useful for the performance of its services and, in particular, for the purposes of selling tickets, safeguarding its technical and corporate security, making available and maintaining its website and also for invoicing and receipt of revenues. In addition to the client’s personal data the Festival stores the date of order and of delivery of the item supplied for the purposes of internal auditing of execution data. The Festival may entrust processing of the client’s data to a third party, notably to an external operator of the Festival website or revenue collection service, while ensuring that the data are handled by third parties only to the extent and in the manner that the Festival itself would be authorized to do so.

12. Amendment of the GTC
The Festival retains the right to amend or change the GTC at any time.

13. Use of the Festival website (
The entire contents of the Festival website are protected by copyright and unless specifically stated otherwise belong exclusively and entirely to the Festival. The Festival website may contain indications regarding rights of protection and use of third parties which must also be complied with. The reproduction in whole or in part, dissemination, broadcasting by electronic or other means, alteration, linking or use for public or commercial purposes of the Festival website without prior written consent of the Festival are prohibited.
All content in electronic form and/or present on the website in the form of text, graphics, logos, icon buttons, images, audio files, digital downloads, data and software archives is the property of Locarno Film Festival and protected by copyright law. Any unauthorized or improper use is punishable by law.

14. Legal reference and jurisdiction
Legal obligations not specified in the present General Terms and Conditions are governed by the Swiss Code of Obligations.

The court of competent jurisdiction for any contentious business shall be the City of Locarno.