Voucher code

If you have received a voucher code, now you can reedem it.

Only one voucher at time can be redeemed.
The voucher code is valid for one use only.

Do you have more than one voucher to redeem?

Once you have concluded the redeeming process of one voucher code, you can redeem new voucher codes by clicking "Add code" on top menu.

If your code is not recognized and you have a printed voucher with the title “BUONO | BON | GUTSCHEIN | VOUCHER”

Please contact our support desk, indicating the type of voucher and the sequence of numbers and letters written on it.

Do you have a code starting with “JP-“ such as JP-123456?

It is a booking code, and not a voucher code, therefore you can use it by choosing the films you like here, and when asked providing it to book seats for free.

Do you have any questions?

Please contact our support desk:

Tel. +41 91 756 2161
Email. booking@locarnofestival.ch