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Retrospettiva 2017 - Jacques Tourneur

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Volume for the 2017 retrospective dedicated to Jacques Tourneur.

Language: French or English
Editor: Capricci

Rediscover the master of smuggler directors' complete works. Admired by many cinema lover filmmakers from Scorsese to Carpenter, Jacques Tourneur remains however unappreciated, except for his great science-fiction movies (Cat PeopleI Walked with a ZombieThe Leopard ManCurse of the Demon). This illustrated volume is written by specialists from different countries and offers you a chance to rediscover the filmmaker lifetime work through the different genres he got into (science-fiction, western, thriller, adventure, etc.).

The book was published on the occasion of the retrospective dedicated to Jacques Tourneur by the Locarno Festival in 2017 curated by Rinaldo Censi and Roberto Turigliatto.

Edited by Fernando Ganzo. With contributions from Rinaldo Censi, Carlo Chatrian, Pierre Eugène, Chris Fujiwara, Pierre Gabaston, Fernando Ganzo, Hervé Gauville, Haden Guest, Pierre Jailloux, Petr Král, Mariano Llinás, Mathieu Macheret, Paola Raiman, Jean-François Rauger, Pierre Rissient, Patrice Rollet.