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Retrospettiva 2012: Otto Preminger

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Volume for the 2012 retrospective dedicated to Otto Preminger

Language: French or English
Editor: Capricci

Otto Preminger was a master of Hollywood cinema who, like Alfred Hitchcock and Fritz Lang, came from Europe. He is both a major and popular auteur (a number of his films were commercial hits on their release, and remain timeless classics) and a quintessential auteur for cinephiles. Some of the thirty-eight films directed by Otto Preminger (1905-1986) have acquired immortal fame. After the era of stars and that of producers, Preminger was to promote the image of the director, an authoritarian perfectionist, as the true auteur of the film, indeed its main star. This book pays tribute to one of the major filmographies of American cinema and to an eclectic career that never stopped evolving.
The volume was published on the occasion of the Otto Preminger retrospective by the Festival del film Locarno in 2012 curated by Carlo Chatrian.

Edited by Emmanuel Burdeau. With contributions from Olivier Eyquem, Chris Fujiwara, Christoph Huber, Pierre Léon, Gaël Lépingle, Mathieu Macheret, Miguel Marias, Louis Skorecki.